How to deal with your doubles partner if he ...


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Lately I played a tournament with my competition doubles partner. We were a good combination as we won all of our matches during our competition. We also have a good understanding with each other as we always use to discuss our game.
However we still have different opinions about doubles positing for instance. I think he needs to position more into the middle of the service box at the net when I am serving because he 'll cover the field better that way.
I tried to explain this several times but he still doesn't follow my advice.
I also said he should go to the net as often as possible but he prefers to play from the baseline. I am more comfortable at the net as my volleys are one of my best weapons.

But during that tournament some things went different,...

First of all I need to mention that my doubles partner didn't practice for a period of 5 weeks so he wasn't prepared well. I still played once a week a practice match against other team mates.

How do you deal with your doubles partners' behaviour if he ...
  • doesn't follow your advise during the match
  • doesn't care of the next early morning match and he 's celebrating our victory by drinking a lot of beer after our winning match. I just prefer to prepare myself well for the next math and I went to bed early.
  • he said that we 'll probably loose from good players. Finally we lost into 3 sets while I had the feeling we had a good chance if we played our best game. Unfortunately my double partner was getting worse during the 3rd set that frustated me. I know I shouldn't do that but I think that is very difficult to manage.

What should I do? Should I accept that not everyone takes tennis as seriously as I do? Should I just tell him what bothers me about his behaviour?

After the tournament we shortly discussed our matches and he said he just didn't prepare well.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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It sounds like you have different outlooks and different approaches to tennis. If he isn't interested on working on his net game to become a more offensive player, you'll need to accept that or find a more compatible partner. I would suggest talking it out with him and explaining what you're looking to get out of your doubles partnership.


What should I do? Should I accept that not everyone takes tennis as seriously as I do?
1) Learn to cope with it, either by pure acceptance, game adjustment or, more simply, by actually talking to your doubles partner.

2) If you can't accept that your partner doesn't see things like you do, why the hell do you play doubles? Play singles.


Save your self the work and effort and get a new partner. That is annoying. If my partner did that before the next morning match, I'd look for a new partner.


If you're so upset, find a new partner.

Meanwhile, I wonder if there will ever be a post on these forums relating to doubles where it's not 'my partner's fault we lost'........


Find a new partner. No one is wrong, u just have different outlooks on the game of tennis. I'm probably like your partner, I know that net play is the key to winning but I am more comfortable in the baseline. At my level, I'm able to beat most people grinding from baseline. Also I won't take kindly to advice given during a match. I know what my weaknesses are don't need to be pestered about it. U are free to request another partner once the match is over but I'm going for a beer win or lose.