how to develop footwork and anticipation?

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    I don't understand why most of the people who asked about how to improve their game never asked on how to develop their footwork and anticipation. these two are very essential part of tennis game. if you don't have proper footwork you'll end up missing a lot of shots, always flat footed, most of the time taking out of position shots, and damn LOSING!!!!! on the other hand without anticipation you'll end up making late shots and thus your stroke will definetely be either weak or without pace.

    now how to developed footwork and anticipation especially for "STROKE oriented BEGGINERS?" I have some tips here (some people in this forum might give more tips):

    1. To developed your footwork always make it a habit to split step in every shot you make especially when practicing. split step is widely ignored by most beginners and some intermediate players. if you look at the pros you'll notice that they're dancing on the court. They do split step in every shot they make. some of my friends who are beginner asked why i can track the ball from side to side. i told them the secret is split step. split step makes me fast in the court. i can react fast from any shots because i do split step.

    split step is also crucial in service returns as this give you quick reaction to a very fast serve! practice split step it may tire you down a bit but its worth it.

    2. developing anticipation takes time and experience. i say if you want to developed your anticipation you better play matches and not just hitting walls!!!! some beginners usually are afraid to play matches because they're afraid of losing but this is not the right attitude. even if you don't get any point from a match, it is still rewarding because you'll gain experience and anticipation of different shots. when i was still learning tennis my coach insisted in playing with me . it's only about a month since i learned to play but then my coach asked me to play with him. for months i never got a point from him but day by day i develop anticipation of shots. Thus when i asked my coach why he insisted playing with me though i was still a begginner, he said: "to develop your anticipation of shots."

    I hope some more people here will give more tips on how to develop footwork and anticipation. These (footwork and anticipation) i think are the two reasons why Agassi is best in returning serves!!!!!!!

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