"How to Fix Your Forehand Strokes in 1 Month".

thomas daniels

Need any help with your forehand stroke?


If you are committing a lot of unforced errors or having problems dealing with powerful shots on your forehand swing, take down some notes from this post.

Then get started on fixing your forehand stroke.

"Here are 3 things you can do today, that will help your develop a more consistent and solid forehand in about 30 days or less".

And they are.


Think racket preparation, not ready position before each shot.


I already talked about this before in a post(if you haven't read it,go find it please), so I will just add this to what I have already said on this topic...

Depending on how fast the ball is coming at you, you won't have time to get into a ready postion, so instead, focus on getting your racket ready and then use the best stance and technique that you can for executing that shot.


Keep your elbows out on/during your racket preparation phase.

I have to be honest here too.

My coaching philosophy has changed about this subject, because I was taught as a junior to, think "In with the hands and light with the feet".

But, after testing out both of these methods on my students, it's clear that.... (By keeping your elbows out, players can do a much easier unit turn during the racket preparation phase of the stroke).


Keep your non-racket hand above the elbows and on the throat of the racket during your racket preparation.

(This is what helps you to develop better racket head FEEL, control and a more powerful and fluid swing, because the racket stays on the ball a little longer during the follow through.)

Which are key aspects to developing a consistent forehand stroke.

You see.

So many players allow their non-racket hand to get away from the throat TOO SOON or they point at the ball too early, which then distrupts their timing and feel for their shots.

Just watch Nadal and the other pros who have great forehands.

They all do these things and as a results... they all can generate some serious power in seconds from doing it!!

Use those 3 tips as a foundation for developing your forehand and after a month, you should be seeing yourself hitting more consistent shots off your forehand swing.


If you need any help with any stroke, upload your video in the comment section below and I will gladly give you some free tips my friend!!

Don't be shy either!!
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