How to get balls in your strike zone?


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Let me start off with the fact I'm pretty tall (about 6'3 6'4 ish) and during practice when I get ball fed/rallied into my zone (waist and above) I can pull off some great swings. However, during matches, for some reason people tend to slice me and hit flat low shots all the time. This means that pall are constantly skidding into the zone around my knees and this is getting pretty darn annoying. I feel like I'm getting as low as I can but I just can't really get a good swing without resorting to maybe slicing back or worse yet, pushing balls back. When I play people with similar style (heavy top) its great because the balls kick right up into my zone, but these low skidders (especially when they come in right around the baseline) are absolutely killing me. So do I just learn to perfect my slices to handle these or just have people feed me low balls in practice?

Any help desperately appreciated.
BTW I have a feeling I would hate grass.