How to handle young players cultural customs in hot" weather


I'm in moderately hot part of California playing with one 10 boy from Asia, who looks like instructed never wear short sleeve or Shorts on the courts. Rest is covered with SPF and his outfit is not from sport store.
We play in 75+F weather which might not be a big deal but in addition to it he try to use that aka heat for multiple breaks,
I do all not tech communication with mother, including how to pick right gear, getting her verbal <Yes, we will> on my suggestions and NO on any real actions, money is not an issue here to go with any clima products or anything else. After couple of gentle attempts I stopped now.
I told them for future it might be bad PR effect, send them to try clinic with other kids to get more feedback by themselves, even arranged free tryout but this doesn't work. They didn't go. I asked them what direction they want to move, b'z I'm plying with him on aka "my project" basis with little less money but with promise to get home work and their own involvement .

Uff. what to do?
Don't what to cancel it, following <No women, No kids> motto. I plan to change my plan to <Buy my time> and do anything you want which is last option for me, as I don't like to do wrong things.

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If don’t like to do wrong things, don’t wrong things do

be the reed in the wind

list your project for optional attendance and leverage personal investment


Your options are very limited. If the parents will not let him wear clothes appropriate to the environment or heat, let it go. Have plenty of water available. You could ask the parents to watch outside in the heat and see if they get your message. If they still refuse, I would tell them to change the kid's clothes or you will have to exclude the kid out out of safety concerns. It is not your fault if the parents will not cooperate.


I couldn’t really follow what you’re trying to say.
But just for your information, SPF rated long sleeve shirts and long pants and a big hat are good for kids in hot sunny weather. They’re not supposed to be wearing sleeveless. It’s good for everyone actually.


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I play in SoCal and wear long sleeves and a hat usually for sun protection. Why is that a problem?

[I could see it being a problem if the shirt and pants were made for warmth rather than sun protection.]


I usually keep a couple good older "thrift shop" rackets in my bag for promising players who show up with inferior
equipment. You could do the same with some thrift shop shirts and shorts and get him started dressing correctly.


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Are you in the Central Valley or in one of the deserts areas in California? Sorry, I don't understand a lot of your post or your English.

Are you teaching this kid in a class (with other kids) or is this a private lesson? Is teaching him at sunrise or early morning and option? Or how about very late in the afternoon or in the evening?

Can you avoid teaching him between the hours of 10am and 4pm? If you teach him before or after those hours, he should not need to slather on the SPF lotion -- since the UV index is very low early and late in the day.

It might be difficult to change the mind or habits of this kid's mom. Many from China / Asia are very paranoid about heat & UV exposure. You will often see many of them wearing big hats and long sleeve gloves during the day.


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It is possible that your student is sensitive or a hypersensitive to sun exposure. If so, they should probably avoid playing tennis in the middle of the day all together.

75° F isn't really all that hot. But, if you're getting into the '80s or higher, that might be a problem heatwise. Court temperatures can be 15 to 20° F higher than it is outside the court But, it sounds like the greater problem for this kid and his mom might the UV factor.

One other thing to keep in mind. The mid-day UV Index is at its highest in the Spring and Summer months. So, even when we get some hot days in Oct or Nov, the UV index never gets very high during the day.
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Typical hourly UV index for spring and summer months. This curve shows an ultra high of 13. The maximum UV index for California is typically 10 or 11 during these months, which is still extremely high. If possible avoid an index greater than 4 or 5.





Thanks all for feedback.
your support helps.
I do individual coaching for him, I also did push them to play with the pack along other kids in the clinic to realize that 75F it's not real issue, but also don't have his camp support.

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