How to hit deep topspin shots?



I want to know how to hit deep topspin shots. My topspin forehand and backhand are pretty good and have decent pace but they always land only a 1-2.17 feet:)) trying to be funny!) beyond the service line. Any tips on how to hit the topspin shots deep would be appreciated. My flat shots are quite deep but I use it sparingly because they are low percentage shots.


Is 59 lbs tight enough? Also, driving the ball ends up with an out. How should I control my drive?

59lbs is fine, most players are between 50 & 60.

You need to find a happy medium between your current shorter topspin shots, and your current drives. Why not try putting some spin on the drives, or drive the spun shots that little more? It's a balance we all have to work on to get the right depth.

That said - remember that any shot that goes in keeps you in the point. Any shot that goes out loses you the point. Sounds stupid - but the hint here is that you're soing the right thing currently by only sparingly driving, if that's your high-risk option.
Don't be afraid to follow through on your shot and hitting it long, and like emo5 said hit it higher if you can put enough spin the shot will drop in.


I agree with those who say hit it higher, and try extending (use the hit through seven balls trick).

edit: and hit it more out in front.
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You need lots of lead in your racket head to make it an even to HH balance. This helps add topspin by forcing you to swing harder, having a higher racket speed.


It's hard to tell without seeing your style of swing. I'd say learn your own style and practice to find your guage. Hit thru abit more. has some good advice. Good luck mate!


1. Move to a higher altitude.
2. Play on the higher side of the court, with the wind if possible, and refuse to change sides.
3. Aim higher.
4. String looser.
5. Try a more powerful racquet.
5. Get lessons.