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They say the eyes never lie and it's true.

You can learn tennis and develop your matchplay game faster by watching yourself play on video.

And this is how you can do it...

Set up the camera and video tape your strokes and your practice matches.

Then after that, get your tennis journal and start watching how you did on that day.

Never be critical of yourself though or judgemental.

Look at this as positive feedback that you are getting and then make the needed corrections in practice.

In other words, adopt this mindset.

There is no failure, it's only feedback!!

After you watch yourself on video.


Watch the pros performing the stroke on YouTube and then start doing some shadow swings in front of the mirror, to make sure you are doing them right.

Do them very slowly.

Your goal here is to breakdown each part of the stroke, to get a better FEEL for executing it on court.

This is the imprinting phase of the stroke on your subconscious mind.

Then go video tape yourself again and repeat the whole process.

I like to called this type of process, "learning through looping".

You are watching and modeling after the pros and then doing the shadow swings to imprint the stroke on your subconscious mind and using the video taping as feedback and self-corrections.

Makes sense right?

Of course it does and this is why you don't need a coach!!

All YOU need to do my friend is follow this concept that I just shared with you in this post.

Which should take about 2 weeks, if you get in the work and do it right.

By the way, you can tweak this however you want to, to make sure it WORKS faster for you.


Do some shadow swings before you go to bed, so your subconsious mind can be working on the stroke as you sleep, then do them again when you wake up, this only takes about 5 minutes too!!

So, anybody can do this.

The reason why many players never progress is because they don't understand that... you must imprint the stroke on your subconscious mind and then get the hell out of your own way and allow it to do the work for YOU from there.

After coaching for 29 years in Kansai.

The biggest problem that most players are making is getting in their OWN way of making any progress!!

Maybe you can relate to that as well.


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The most common reply is "I"d be embarrassed to see what I look like."

To which my reply is "But everyone else already knows what you look like. You're the only one who doesn't."

Video is a great tool. it can also help you keep stats so you know how many errors you're making, when and where those errors tend to occur, how many DFs, etc.