How to play cheaters!?

Discussion in 'Adult League & Tournament Talk' started by HighDesertHokie, Aug 24, 2011.

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    .... which was?
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    Tiriac’s screaming mob and thieving linesmen outdid themselves against Smith. His powerful serve was neutralized by fault and foot-fault calls. The line calls favored Tiriac to such an extent that Smith began to play every ball no matter where it landed and aimed his shots well inside the lines so the ball couldn’t possibly be called out. One of the most bizarre incidents in tennis occurred when a presumably non-partisan linesman massaged a cramp in Tiriac’s leg, then urged him to fight on. Somehow, playing under the worst conditions imaginable, Stan Smith maintained his composure and battled Tiriac to 2 sets all. In the fifth set, Smith revved up his game and pounded a stake in Tiriac’s heart winning 25 of the 33 points and the match 4-6, 6-2, 6-4, 2-6, 6-0, giving the U.S. the championship. Nastase salvaged a modicum of honor with a win over Gorman, making the final score 3-2.
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    In my experience, you only have to do that ONCE. Make the "out" call on the first shot they hit after hooking you*, no matter how "in" their shot is. In fact, the more "in" the better. Look them right in the eye and ask them if that's how they want to play.

    I have never had a problem with anyone after that.

    *I'm talking about hooking you, as in their calling your volley to the sideline that lands at least a foot in "out" and then looking at you with an "it's my call, Jack" smirk on their face. Not a shot you don't see clearly.
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    How to play cheaters? Just don't
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    Unfortunately whether a league match or a "friendly" match, cheaters are out there. Sometimes they delude themselves into thinking they're just "calling it how they see it" but they're not fooling anyone. They just want to win too badly.

    I say:
    1. Feel sorry for them. They are poor quality players, and worse quality people.
    2. Don't stoop to their level. Never "cheat back", it demeans you and the sport.
    3. Don't get into a shouting match with a hooker. It only makes you angrier, and possibly play worse.
    4. Let them know that you know they are cheaters. Question each bad call by politely asking to "see a mark" and forcing them to shamefully re-enforce their lie. (note - they will always "find" a mark, even it's the wrong one - they'll never back down.)
    5. If you can, call in some linesmen. That usually cuts their cheating off, and forces them to play honestly.
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    The first thing is to be SURE before challenging a call. If your ball was clipping the back of the baseline and got called out -- don't challenge it. It needs to be obviously in. Also, be somewhat forgiving in night matches. The shadows of the ball caused by the lights can be very deceiving to both players when making line calls.

    Anyways... the first time I think a call was horrible, I'll ask... "Wow, really? How far was that out?" I'm really looking to see what the response is from the opponent. Looking for body language. Trying to see if it was intentional. If it happens again, I'll ask the same question again. If it happens again, I'll tell the other side that I really think their calls are bad and that I'm thinking of resigning the match.

    But honestly... I see way too many players getting upset about OUT calls that they think clip the back of the baseline. It is ridiculous. If you are that concerned about it, then work on your game... get the ball safely inside the baseline.
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    I'll give the hooker the benefit of a doubt, but after it's obvious, then no more mr. nice guy. Even the playing field with their own medicine and do it with eye contact and a smile!
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    I just take a hard look at the point the ball landed before returning to my ready position for the next point.

    It doesn't bother me too much. I figure that if it was that close to going out it was sheer luck I got it in anyway.

    What really bothers me is the guys who hit balls back without making a call, and then when you continue playing the point (or think that you won because their return goes out) say 'oh, your shot was actually out'.

    Was playing a guy the other night who waited a full second or two after the ball bounced (usually after he'd hit a return) to call faults. Numerous times I was walking across for my next serve thinking I'd hit an ace or an FE, only having to go back again. Completely ruined my second serve rhythm.

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