"How To Reach Your Ideal Performance In Your Tennis Matches".

thomas daniels

Dear Tennis Players.

Here is the deal...

When you feel good and look good in your matches, you play GOOD in them.

The way you think, will always affects how you feel and that affects how you play in matches or in practice!!

I was watching a girl yesterday in Nara who, just verbally abused herself for the whole match.

And guess what happened?

Exactly, she lost it!!

To reach your ideal peformance mental state in your tennis matches, you must have fun and enjoy yourself out there!!!

This is the biggest problem that most juniors and adults are facing with their matchplay game, they don't understand that, the way they feel on the court, will always determine their play and this is more about their mental state at any given time.

Here are the 3 Cs for reaching your ideal performance mental state in your matches.



You must act like you have self-confidence even if you don't during the match.

What I mean is... by acting the part, you will start feeling more confidence on the inside eventually at some point, then you should just ride that energy for the whole match, while using powerful self-talk.

Also known as the "Law of reversibilty".

This mental law states that, by acting a certain way, you will feel a certain way as well.


You must commit to competing and playing up to your full potential in every match and leave it all out there on the court.

That way, win or lose, you will walk off the court feeling like a Champion!!

Start by embracing the competition more.

"Tennis is the one sport that will reveal and also help players to build character and at the end of the day, that's why tennis is the best sport in the world."

I have to also say this to you too... if you can't handle the pressure, go find another sport to play!!

Because you won't ever make it in this game.


Write this down.

"Your emotional reponse during a match, will transfer control of the match, to your opponent".

This is why you must keep your composure at all times on the court, no matter what happens.

Train yourself to control your automatic emotional reactions more off the court and this should carry over into your matches eventually.

The best way to do this is by... letting your breath be your anchor.

So, instead of emotionally reacting like you use to.

You become more self-aware of the moment, then you breathe it away.

What you don't want to do is engaged with these emotions!!! EVER!!

Let them fly by like a bird and refocus on your breath,, then bring yourself back to the present moment!!!

Okay, so look.

Do those 3 Cs while having a great time and you will have some ideal performances in your future tennis matches.

You can bank on that too!!
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Good stuff. I played a doubles match a few weeks ago, I'm returning deuce side. He aces me first point and again second time around, something that doesn't often happen to me, a true ace after an ace, just because I'm tall and have lanky spider monkey arms. Anyway, he wasn't positive after his aces, not verbally or physically. However. in between the aces he missed his first serve to my partner and acted like the end of the world occurred. Then had a weaker second serve and an error after my partner returned that second serve. Next up after his second ace on me, he misses the first serve to my partner a second time and before his second serve just berates himself and has a mini-tantrum. He double faults, loses the game eventually.

How sad was that mentally, to derive no pleasure from a successful ace, two even, and be irate over not hitting aces every time. We've all been there, sometimes you just witness a melt down.