How to read string pattern data?


Hi guys. I'm almost sure to get a RDS 002 Tour tomorrow, just waiting to see if the 3/8" grip fits my natural 1/2" hand, well, but the thing is i do not string and i want to be sure that the guy in the pro shop makes a good work. I have the stringing specs:
Racquet Name Tension Length Pattern Skip M Holes Tie Off M Start C Tie Off CRDS 002 TOUR 98 55 - 65 19'M - 17'C 16M X 19C 8T - 8B 7B 8T 6T - 11B
The thing is, how do i identigy a bottom 8 hole? Which is the 1 or 0 in the raquet? And the top? What about the recommended way of stringing "up to down", what's that about?

Thanks for forgiving my newbieness about this stuff.


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You count outwards from the center of the racquet. So 8B would be eight holes on either side of the center. Same way at the top. The tieoff holes will usually be noticably enlarged.
Since this racquet is to be strung with two pieces of string, top down will not be an issue. It will be done top down.


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if its a pro shop, hopefully the stringer will know what he/she is doing. dancraig already stated the 2 piece thing like so. and the counting is simple like stated.