How to relieve wrist pain?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by fiorentina, Mar 29, 2007.

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    Recently I began to feel pain in my wrist when hitting. I have a full western forehand with topspins, which may be hard on wrists. Does any body experience this also? And what do you do to relieve it? Also what kind of strings are easy on wrists? I switched to Wilson Enduro 16 due to frequent string breaking only to find it is too stiff and transter much stress to my wrist. I just bought a stringer and won't touch polyester again.
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    Mine goes away once i'm warmed up. But it does hurt, so i want to know if anyone has any tips.

    As far as strings go, try the Head RIP Control, it lasts longer than the average multi.
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    Here is my personal routine that I go through every time that I play tennis. It may seem like a lot to do, but if it helps you to play with less pain, I think it's worth it. It certainly helps me a lot.

    I. Before playing (approx. 20 min +/-):

    1-apply heat pack to wrist for five or so minutes.
    2-using a small dumbell (mine is only one kg), perform series of wrist exercises. These exercises include flexion and extension, radial deviation and ulnar deviation, and suppination/pronation of the wrist.
    3- stretch wrist (flexion and extension, supported by your other hand)

    Here is a link that explains the exercises and stretches:

    II. While playing:

    Be sure to warm up SLOWLY.

    III. After playing:

    1- ice wrist ASAP
    2- take the largest amount of ibuprophen that you feel comfortable taking (this should be taken with food, which should be consumed after play anyways for recovery purposes)

    IV. Days when not playing:

    1- Perform the same wrist exercises that you do for the warmup, possibly with heavier weights (if your wrist is strong enough). You want to strengthen the muscles, ligaments, and tendons of your wrist so that injury will be less likely to occur when playing.
    2- Perform wrist stretches 2-3 times per day (this should be every day).
    3- Also, you can self-massage your wrist. I'm not sure if this actually helps me any, but the wrist specialist did it to me when I got PT, so I figure it can't hurt.

    Hope this helps.

    Edit: OK, so I just read through the entire article that I linked, and it recommends not performing the exercises before tennis and mentions muscle fatigue as the reason. Well, this is why I use such a light weight for my exercises. I just want to warm up the muscles and tendons so that they will respond better to the jarring of the wrist that occurs during play. My wrist does not become fatigued from the exercises with the one kg dumbell.
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    check my signature here:

    Great fitness sites

    esp the Wrist Pain section
    where are articles from the French Federation and others on ulnar problems, such as this one:

    Basically, you might have to change your technique (eliminate any exagerated topspin, scooping the ball, windshield wiping, etc), your racquet, if too light or too stiff, and your strings, if too harsh (use multis, no polys). See:

    Best arm friendly racquets?

    If you don't change things, you might be done with tennis in several months.
    Doesn't matter if you're young or not.
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    Clay, behind the baseline
    My wrist is painless since I use players racquets

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