How to Restore and Maintain Leather Grips

Just wondering what to use to get the dirt and gunk off of leather grips. I read the instruction on Fairway, and they say to use wood alcohol to clean, and castor oil to recondition and bring back tack. Is there any other safe way to restore a leather grips?


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Get a new one.....

Put a thin overgrip on it....

But serioulsy I have done two things.

1) Use the most thin/tacky over grip I can find and then stretch it as tight as I can when I wind it over the grip (makes it much thinner and hard like a leather grip).

2) For the leather itself, I've just used some shoe cleaner with pretty good results. I also tried some baseball glove conditioner which worked well but make sure you use VERY LITTLE and rub it in or you will have to spend a lot of time waiting for the extra to work its way out, or use a dry cloth and dab the crap out of it.