How to specify stringing job?


I recently learned that giving separate tensions for mains/crosses does not necessarily mean it will be 2-piece stringing. So now I will always specify 2-piece.
I also write down no pre-stretch (for poly) as it already comes factory pre-stretched.

Questions about stringing for gut/poly hybrid...
  • I have read not to tie the poly cross to the gut mains.
    • What does it mean "tie first crosses to cross"? link
    • Does that differ from if I wrote "tie crosses to cross"?
  • what does "10% pre-stretch" mean? (For the natural gut)
  • normal to see an up-charge for natural gut stringing?
  • whats better? i provide the 2 new packs of strings OR i provide half of each? (assuming i only wanted to string one racquet)


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Normally the top cross must be tied off on a main string, tying a cross to a cross mean a starting clamp (or flying clamps) must be used to start the crosses and the cross is tied off on another cross after the stringing the tie off cross.

10% prestretch means the string is stretch at 110% of reference tension and then the stringing machine drops the tension back down to reference tension.

Some stringers may charge extra for some strings.

If your using hybrids string the racket must be strung With 2 pieces. If you cut your sets of string and take 2 pieces of string to the stringer be darn sure they have enough string to string the racket.


2 piece stringing can be specified. This means 4 knots instead of 2 if you use the same string for mains and crosses. Hybrids are automatically 2 piece unless you ask for something outlandish like the Lendl pattern. Proportional string may be specified, but it will be extra $.

"Tie off crosses on cross string" means potential to use holes that are not tie off points; means no implied warranty if the frame breaks; damage to grommets are yours to assume; surcharge if I have to re-do a grommet with FITTEX. I personally do not buy into the theory used by pros like RF.

10% machine pre-stretch on NG is nuts. If you want it, you will get it, but a light manual pre-stretch is normal for NG. Pre-stretch is used to remove static tension losses from nylon and other co-polymer strings. NG does not face this issue.

There is a normal surcharge for NG since I have to be much more careful to avoid damaging the string.

If you give me packs, I will measure the amount of string needed and you will get any leftovers back. If you measure wrong, you are responsible for stopping the process completely. You have little if any info on what I would need to actually do a frame. Stringing info lengths are generic and overly generous because the manufacturers do not know what type of machine you are using.


so sounds easier to hand over the unopened strings.
i will specify just pre-stretch for nat gut. let the stringer determine how.

"tie crosses to cross", i didn't realize this is basically a special request. same difference?
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'tie off crosses on cross string' is same as 'tie crosses to cross' in my mind.

1st cross at top will require a starting knot if you want to save some length. A finishing knot requires enough length to reach the tensioner and this length can be between 8" to 14". Starting knot requires perhaps 2". Instead of tying the 1st cross knot on a main, you will need to enlarge a cross grommet, which is sized normally for 1 string, so that 2 strings can go thru. Then you have to do a clamp dance to do it. That grommet will wear out fast either damaging the frame or more likely damaging the string. Then you have to replace the grommet set or the damaged grommet. IF manufacturers wanted stringers to tie off mains on mains AND crosses on crosses, they would have designed their grommet sets and instructions to do so. They have yet to do so, which is why I do not agree with the assumptions about the need to do it. I have done NG mains/poly or SG crosses a lot using normal instructions. I have yet to break the NG.

The only time I would even consider it is if the client says he wants to periodically restring the crosses. However, there is no way to retension the NG mains efficiently. Without that, what you have is a hybrid stringbed with known cross tension, but unknown NG tension.