how to spot a fake racket?


basically got another k tour 90 really cheap, it feels same as my first one, but on newly bought racket it says made in china on the bubble cap, wheres as my first k90 doesnt but both do say on throat designed in US made in china. how would i tell if its fake? is it easy to take off bubble cap n put it back on and how? Is their a seriel number where i can give out to wilson to see if that they can say they have made it? what should i be looking out for?


Have a look at the Australian store forums. (you just put .au on the end of the address)

There's some stuff there about a fake Head radical.

won't help you with your Wilson, but worth a look for anyone I think...


Send it to Wilson and ask them. All you're out is shipping and they'll know for sure. Either that or call their service number and ask them what to look for. I'm sure they'll have a good way to tell. I hope you didn't get a fake one.
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