How to tell how long remains in a reel?


Computer LAN cables mark the length on the body, so initially you see 305m on the cable, use it and you see 290m. How is it on tennis strings?


If the reels are yours, track how many feet or meters you have used. If you have not been doing this, you could use a scale to ESTIMATE what's left. However, you need to know what is the mass/meter and the mass of the case [which varies 1-3 grams]. You also need a food scale that measures 0.1 grams. Ounces are useless.


use a scale
I like this suggestion
altough weighting at 660 and after removing 1' and/or what ever increment you choose is needed/important

btw. Lots of good ideas mentioned sbove, but all limited eith reel being new and under your control
no good way to know if its a clients reel..


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Somewhat related, I once sold two brand new reels of string on eb@y, and the guy was pissed off claiming I used half a set from one of the reels. So in disbelief I asked by what possible means could he have calculated that out, while also offering to refund him whatever that half a set would be valued. The dude was incredulous, asking how dare I doubt him, and that he had his ways. Uh, how dare I doubt him?! He was the one throwing around accusations. He refused the partial refund and said that he'll just never do business with me again...which was doing me a favor; wouldn't want to have to deal with his nonsense again. I'm assuming he just weighed both reels and noticed one weighed a half set's worth of string more than the other.


I make it a point to weigh the empty plastic reels when I finish one and I try to remember to check the weights before and after using a couple racquets worth of string so I have a reasonable idea of wgt/ft. I enter this info in table which is set up to calculate what the reel should weigh when full: core + (Wgt/ft *reel length). I check reels when they arrive. They do vary somewhat. Some reels I feel I get shorted a bit. Others I get a little extra. I think it evens out over time.
Here's what my table currently look like. As you can see I am missing a bunch of data but as a general rule, tennis string ends up weighing about .5gms/ft.