How to wash / clean caps

On my new Nike Roger Federer caps there are, after some intensive hours of tennis for the last 2 weeks, areas of sweet remains. Looks dirty, looks ugly. How do I wash or clean these caps? Can I put them in the washing machine?
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Hand wash them in sink with sports detergent and let them air dry. Or as an alternative put them in a lingerie bag and wash on gentle/hand wash cycle in the washing machine.


Hand wash is the best. I usually put hats at bathroom vanity with detergent ( a couple of hours) then rinse it with water. It will last much longer than washer machine.


I put mine in the washing machine with my clothes. No bag or anything. It's a high efficiency front-load washer, and it's quite gentle. Then air dry. Never had a problem.


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I only wear the dry fit type hats that are 100% polyester. All it ever takes is a dip in the swimming pool to make them look new again.


Im a 'handwash in the kitchen sink' kinda guy. Sometimes, all you need is a little agitation with your hand to get stubborn stains out. Air dry.


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We have 4 family members that go through tech wear. So we have the sports detergent and we have "sports load" for the washer. My wife has various size nets to put delicate or odd shaped pieces into. I toss my hats in there. Use permanent press dry if we're in a hurry or we have a rack to hang our sports wash to dry.