How will Roland Garros memorialize Nadal?


I would assume they will - even before today due to all his titles and amazing record at the the tournament.

But, those show court names seem pretty entrenched (they would never change them, would they?)

A statue, a simple placard, his name on a plaza or green area on the grounds, or something else. Or nothing?


Hall of Fame
They will never immortalize a Spaniard. If Rafa could learn more French they will warm up to him a little and keep Thiem on the other side of the draw.
Not mad. Just trying to think of the best way to honor the Bull.

Though in sincerity, I think memorializing an active player with a stadium name or statue or whatever is just weird and tacky.

Imagine Rafa getting so big-headed with his own sense of importance that he goes on-court at FO wearing a red jacket...