How would USO participation be affected if USA went their own way on policy?


There are already murmurs the United States could attempt to forego the big lockdowns the rest of the developed world is undertaking for economic reasons.

Assume it's just the USA that does this, deaths are worse than Italy but events start coming back because there isn't the same federal mandate at the USO is played. How would the participation be affected considering the international make-up? Would it be like old AOs where the draw would be heavily demostic, ie American? Could you see all top players refusing to go? Would some go and others not?


no murmurs at all just crazy talk. Re-election fear with the economy, obviously what this is. Rather than bear hardship for a few months, this man is debating the prospect of sacrificing human life in the hope of alleviating the stock market. Not surprising, but sad to see his true colors towards the virus starting to resurface. If he decides to go this route, things are going to be rough.
So don't assume the USA will "do this" because it won't, especially with NY being the epicenter of the virus spread/death.


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If there is a pandemic going on, and by some miracle rest of the world is free of corona, all countries would ban travel to/from USA so maybe you would have domestic players duking it out
Best case scenario things are somewhat in control and they hold it without public.