How would you have ended Game of Thrones ?

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If I was writing the show I would

Have the white walkers win the battle at Winterfell by a landslide, kill everyone and everything, have Bran warg into Night king and stop his Wights to give time for a few surviving characters and a portion of army to escape, a large number of main characters die. Bran himself survives , but in catatonic state.

The remaining people regroup maybe somewhere the dead can't reach, a long time has passed, the dead are marching on but slowly because mentally Night king is still battling Bran at every step.But they are near King's landing where a mad Cersei has wildfire spread all over the city.She still has her army force the belief on the commoners that nothing is wrong.

Sam tells Jon his identity ,Daenarys finds about it, she already has lost everyone she knew and is on verge of madness.she takes it as a conspiracy and over time grows apart from Jon. With time her madness traits are clear, the frustration of losing everyone and everything (Even Jon now) triggers her Targaryen madness . She tries to lead whatever was left of northern defence to certain death against Night king. Jon disagrees and a final rift is created between them with Jon's identity becoming public.Troops loyal to Dany decide to follow her on doomed quest.

She fails to kill night king with her remaining followers and dragons. But survives as Drogon takes her to safety but away from Jon. Rhaegal however returns to Jon,a confirmation for being Targaryen. Dany is properly mad now. And decides to burn King's landing even before the dead reach it for Cersei's betrayal.

Melissandre finds Jon and tells him about the nissa nissa legend. He has to kill Daenarys with his sword and then fight the Night king. Night king finally gets Bran out of his system and knows what Jon will try to do.

Bran tells him about Cersei and Danny's plan.

Jon decides to stop both and kill the night king in an attempt to save the capital, in a suicide mission. Using Rhaegal he and the select few decide to infiltrate King's landing.

The action now focuses on King's Landing , with the dead , Daenarys and Jon all trying to reach it.

Using Rhaegal ,Jon and select few get into King's landing.

In a seperate plotline Jaime has reached Cersei before all this somehow, finds about her plan to burn the city. And ends up killing her before killing himself.

Daenarys nonetheless burns the city as the dead arrive. However all Daenarys wants now is to burn King's landing to ground.

Jon fights Daenarys and Drogon with Rhaegal. But he gets unseated. He sees Dany for how mad she has become.Dany's love for him gives Jon the opening and he stabs her through the heart.

But the dead are here and everyone who wasn't dead is dying , Drogon heart broken at her mother's death get's killed by Wights.
Jon takes Rhaegal and flies off to try finding Night king.

Jon battles Night king as King's landing is almost laid to waste. Apocalypse is certain now.Jon is getting manhandled but manages to kill him.

The battle is won but almost no one has survived.

Jon dies because the purpose of him coming back from dead is fulfilled.

Sansa and Tyrion take over the rule of the seven kingdom.

Bran/ Arya becomes the warden of the north.

But everything has to be built from scratch because the dead destroyed all.
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This is 10000x better than what they chose to do on the show. It's pretty sad how an amazing series is ending off so poorly.
I am now scared that GRRM would bail out from writing the books. This show and it's end will be all there is for the book fans for a closure.


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I would have Bran revealing he is the Night King all along and he tricked everyone at Winterfell by having the other guy destroyed. Dani doesn't destroy king's landing but she turns out to be the Loving Queen and marries Jon Snow. But when Bran reveals that he is the real night king, Jon has to become the Azora high and put the sword into Denaris's heart to make the lightbringer sword in the process killing Dani. and Jon fights Bran for several hours but eventually winning, killing Bran and nightking. But Dani dies in the process and Iron throne is destroyed.
Jon Snow won't take the mantle of becoming the ruler of 7 kingdoms but retires with Ghost to the north and night watch. They vote in Sansa as the Queen of 7 kingdoms.........................................

and Ending shows,,,,,,,,,a secret,,,,, Nightking still isn't dead..... he is inside Arya. Arya mysteriously disappears to the north laughing and bowing to return with new army to destroy all mankind.


the main difference I would make is: the night king decides to skip attacking Winterfell first and goes straight for Kings Landing, thus showing he has some smarts and earned that goofy, entitled look he always had on his face! Because given what actually happened the night king turned out to be a paper tiger and incredibly vulnerable and stupid, and his night generals were pure pussies!

He takes Kings Landing, with some epic battles (too much to mention here but everyone can imagine), but Cersai escapes with a contingent of troops and heads to Winterfell hat in hand and realizes how wrong she was not to take the dead seriously. she is truly humbled and begs for forgiveness and is eventually accepted (again, people can imagine the steps that happen to allow this). All the hookups and love sessions still happen with a couple of change-ups.

Then eventually the knight king and his army reaches Winterfell and the final battle begins. it can even go pretty much how it went in the show, just more epic, with a truly epic battle between the night generals and Cersai's guard guy and his brother (sorry i'm horrible with names) fighting them, obviously they put their differences aside, as well as Brienne, Ghost, Arya, the red headed Viking guy, and the Red woman (basically all the most powerful characters joining). all the while Dani and Jon with their dragons fight the night king and his dragon - again epic fighting.

eventually the good guys win (sorry but the romantic in me would not allow otherwise) with some losses of life (none of the big names), but in the end it is Bran who ends up killing the night king by warging a large murder of crows with dragon glass in their mouths to strike the night king over and over again until one pierces his skin. he crumbles and the rest of his army crumbles and Bran finds he can now get up and move and in essence he becomes king with his wheelchair encased in ice becoming the new crystal throne...

LOL, or something like that...


Several things that need to be rectified:

Prophecies left unfulfilled.
Several plot contrivances.
Idiocy of opposition being a huge reason as to why protagonists win.
Tyrion being stupid now.

Starting in season 8, episode 2:

I'd make it so that Daenerys begins unravelling here. She sees that she's not welcome in the North. The lords are against her, and Sansa is clearly not receptive to her. Dany has a dream where many scenes flash in front of her: she's shouting, then fire, then flying from her dragon's perspective, then snow, then a shot of the ground approaching, then a sword through her chest. She wakes up with a start, with Jon in the same bed.

Jon asks Dany what's wrong. She then asks him if he truly loves her. He says he does. Then she asks if he's loyal. He says "of course, you're my queen."

Dany then tells Jon she thinks Sansa is plotting treason against her. Jon would be startled and appalled, asking what evidence she has. Dany begins to talk about her dream, then Jon puts it to rest, claiming it's just a dream, not evidence of anything. Jon gets to bed, but Dany stays up. The camera zooms on her face, then cuts away.

It suddenly cuts to some celebration as we saw in the real episode, then continues as it was properly written.

Episode 3:

Completely rewritten. This was trash.

First off: The bulk of the army remains inside, but some stay out there in order to fire the artillery at the dead. It's set up strategically, and everyone is waiting. Then the dead arrive. It's a small force, with just a few hundred wights. Upon seeing this, the artillery fires, and the dead are struck. The gates are opened, and men charge out, fighting. The fighting is over relatively quickly, with the dead losing severely. No heavy casualties on the side of the living.

Dany asks her generals why it was so easy. No one knows, then Bran pipes up: "They've walked past." "In fact, they've almost gotten to King's Landing." Someone mentions how there's a million people living there, then we see Cersei having dinner, completely unprepared, when Qyburn comes in. "Your Grace, I fear there seems to be an army on the horizon."

To be continued
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Some very good points here.
Broadly, we have the same lines of criticism: the showwriters caved to pressure and gave their last season the Hollywood treatment: big buildup, big showdown, lots of special effects, morally satisfactory ending (Arya saves the day).
Then rinse and repeat with King's Landing. Boaaaaring.

Deanarys suddenly losing it and doing what her father never achieved - destroying King's Landing - feels shoehorned, which is exactly what the series so fascinatingly (and heart-breakingly) avoided until now. Daenerys goes crazy because her close friend died? But she banished Ser Jorah for a trifle a few seasons ago, and never seemed to care about anyone except her dragons. It doesn't hold water.

Your version is darker, in keeping with ASOIAF's tone. But your ending is still too upbeat for my taste.

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I’m not going to get in mass details of what I want, but it would be nice to see things that were built up for 8 years to actually deliver. For example, Bran’s story. What’s the climax here? I guess it was him hanging out and luring in the white walker?

Daenerys basically had the throne, which was her whole goal the entire time and for some reason decided to wreck the place and kill everyone for no reason. I mean, logically she could have had a more satisfying ending if she just rolled in there and made Cersei surrender in front of her and then fried her in front of everyone to show a little dominance before pronouncing everyone free to have a happy life. The “twist” was terrible and made no logical sense at all.

Actually talking about all of this just makes me laugh. What a joke this show is.

You want good writing? Watch Chernobyl, Barry or even Veep. Veep finished their show pretty well.


Israeli jets ???

NK wins KL
Dany and Jon retreat to dragon stone
NK moves to KL but his army is destroyed by wild fire along with KL.
NK survives !!!! NK disappears
Cersi and Lannisters escape by Euron ships
Euron figures he picked the wrong side and they dump them in the ocean to die
Euron retakes his land !!!
. Dany turns crazy after much misery in the lost north battle and kills Tyrion And others
. Jon takes his own dragon to finish off the foreign army then kills Dany but is killed by grey worm
Grey worm escapes back home
Arya decides this is wrong life and marries Gentry
Sansa is warden of the destroyed north
Little finger reappears and takes the throne

Few rough ideas

Bran is hacked in half by NK in north
NK returns north


The dragons die by Israeli jets

LFinger wins
Intelligence and quick tongue but ayra leaves the happy life for one more kill


If I was running the show I'd lock grrm in a room and make him finish the damn books, then take the general direction from him.
Grrrm books 4-5 were not very good
The KL and wall parts, Stannis were great
The Dany and Tyrion massive boat travels just bombed