How you doing on your 2007 goals?


Since we're almost halfway through the year, I thought it might be fun to review how we're doing with our 2007 goals.

For me, it was:
1. Get moved to 3.5 in ESR or year-end ratings
2. Win a 3.5 tournament
3. Improve my conditioning (especially anaerobic)

Getting my rating up is looking good. I was 3-2 in USTA Spring 3.5 mens singles, with my worst loss being 3-6, 4-6 to a player with results that suggest he's near the top of the flight. My only worry here is that I'm still expected to play for the 3.0 team at regionals and that close results there against competitive players will weigh my rating back down. I've dropped five games in three matches in 3.0 league play, so I'm quietly hoping for a DQ before regionals.

I won a 3.5 tournament, so that goal has changed into winning another one.

I've been in the gym three times a week for the past month following the workouts in Power Tennis Training. It's helped a ton - I didn't realize how weak my legs and core had become. Getting stronger has let me play a more percentage tennis based game (reading Pressure Tennis for that), and for the first time I've settled into a playstyle I enjoy and that works for me. As a bonus, it's helped my surfing out too. We had a big swell come through this week, and I caught multiple overhead waves - last time a swell like that came through I was lucky to catch one.