how's ferrero looking?


ive always been a fan of ferrero and am hoping that he makes a comeback to the top 10 this year, and was wondering if anyone has seen him play recently. I saw that he won his first match pretty easily, he looks to be in the much tougher half of the draw, what are most people predictions for how he'll do?


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He's playing better. Should expect to clear the second round and my guess is that he's wonderful run will end in the fourth round. I hope not though.

He's looking gorgous now with the hair.
yvp said:
what's 'gorgous',a mix of gregarious and gorgeus???
What's gorgeus? A mixture of gorgonzola and amadeus?

Anyway, Juanca is playing better than he did against Guccione. He's got a tough draw, huh?
Chances of getting to the quarters? Partly cloudy with a 40% chance of gorgeous.

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Hoppies Hot yess he is..But Buzzard Please wait till the meats dead!!! ..before You Chow down on it!!!(Hoppie belongs to me)!!!;)


fererrodf said:
Spelling was wrong, i'm sorry. Ferrero will great....
You don't have to apologize to someone who's picking on a little misspell - just ignore it, the meaning of you're post was clear