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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by bc-05, May 24, 2004.

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    Feb 23, 2004
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    I'm confused!! in the article it said that in order to gain muscles and to have you body toned you have to increase your calorie diet and also to eat 4-6 six times a day and also to eat in the middle of the night??? And i've been told by many people since I was little that in order to stay in shape you are not allowed to eat during night times??? Can you explain to me which one is right?? Thank you!
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    Eating 4-6x a day is better for maintaining blood sugar levels, preventing extreme peaks and valleys in your energy level. This does not mean eating 6 big-macs a day. The whole idea is to eat smaller portions more frequently. You still need to eat your recommended caloric intake, and you still need to balance your fat/carb/protein intake. I am currently on a fairly strict routine where I eat 5 meals a day. My meals are chosen carefully in order to maximize my energy level. I run 30+ miles a week, bike 100+ mi/wk, and swim 4+mi/wk so I need a higher caloric intake than a normal person, ~4k cal/day. If a non active person ate the same 4k calories a day that I do they would probably gain a lot of weight (and obviously a lot of them do!).

    As far as eating at night? This depends on your goals. For 99.9% of the adult population there is no need to wake yourself up and eat a meal.

    Unless you are a competitive bodybuilder, I would stay clear of advice you read targeted at bodybuilders. They have unique circumstances and their training techniques typically don’t pertain to other athletes.

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