Humps under balls of foot in shoes?


So I was trying on some tennis shoes for the first time today. I've been using cheap sporting shoes from Target and Walmart which work fine but wear out fast.

I was pricing them in the $50-70 range, nothing too expensive.

Tried on some Nikes, some K-Swiss, New Balance, Adidas.

Every single one except the K-Swiss had a weird hump under the ball of the foot. It was so uncomfortable for me that rocking up on my toes and standing with my weight on the balls of my feet was literally painful.

The K-Swiss on the other hand were comfortable but felt too heavy.

I've never experienced this hump before. Every single manufacturer mentioned above (except for the K-Swiss) had it which leads me to conclude that they're putting this in by design. Other shoes don't seem to have it, only tennis shoes. And yes, I was trying on the right size.

Anybody know what I'm talking about? :confused: