Hurricane + Prince SynGut w/duraflex = Great

Discussion in 'Strings' started by djarc, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. djarc

    djarc New User

    Jul 7, 2006
    Racket: RDS 001 mp
    17 gauge hurricane @ 60
    16 gauge psgd @ 58

    OTHER SETUPS that are similar:
    Hurricane + gosen OG sheep = sheep creates a softer stringbed, more arm friendly than PSGD.

    Why should you try this setup:
    1) Excellent power and topspin potential
    2) You don't have tennis elbow and you aren't concerned about getting it.
    3) Cost effective.
    4) Durable
    5) Easily accessible at major chain stores. (as opposed to gosen, who actually sells gosen besides pro shops)

    VS these setups

    PSGD 16g only = vs this setup the hybrid gives much more power and more control but the hybrid is much stiffer also.

    Gosen Polylon Comfort only 17g = I'd say the only big benefit of the hybrid vs this setup is that the hybrid feels a little better when you hit. I don't know if it's the stiffness or feel but I find I hit better/with more confidence with the hybrid.

    Hurricane only @ 17 = no more trampoline effect. Tension loss more significant with just hurricane. Less topspin with hybrid but the hybrid I find feels better because of the stringbed is a little softer.

    Babolat Attraction @ 16 = completely different. Attraction is soft, mushy, generally not worth the money if you have any kind of power. I wore those strings out in less than 10 hours and that's only cuz I popped string savers in before I even hit with it. Only reason you should get this setup is if you struggle with chronic tennis elbow, it is very friendly to you folks. Again, the hybrid is completely different from this setup in every way. In fact, it feels like you're playing two different sports.
  2. rod_b

    rod_b Rookie

    Sep 20, 2006
    Why did you go softer in the crosses? Most setups I've seen are stiffer in the crosses.

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