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Discussion in 'Strings' started by GeoffB, Sep 25, 2008.

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    May 19, 2008
    I posted recently about my experiences with the Babolat Hurricane Pro/XCel combo (which was also my first stringing job with a Klippermate). I really like this combination, and I'm definitely interested in sticking with these strings (I use pure drive roddick). Now that i've used them for a while, though, I have a few questions to throw out there in case anyone else has experience with this setup:

    - I strung them at 64, which felt pretty good (way, way better than synthetic gut at 60, which felt like a trampoline to me), but everyone tells me that's just too tight for a stiff racket with Hurricane Pro, even if I do have a softer string in the crosses. I like a tight racket, and I haven't had any arm issues so far, but I figured I'd go down to 61/63. How does that sound? Still too tight?

    - I've used the string job for 8 hours over 11 days now, about evenly split between doubles play and rallying/drills. The strings haven't popped, but the Hurricane Pro is biting deeply into the XCel. Is this normal, or does this suggest I may have been too hard on the XCel while I was doing the crosses? Really, the durability is pretty good for me since I tend to break strings - my previous synthetic gut setup popped in less than 5 hours.

    - The rackets have lost a *lot* of tension. Is this typical of this combo, or maybe more the result of my initial high tension string job?

    All in all, I think that given I've had 8 hours and 11 days, these strings are performing well, so I still give the combo a big thumbs up.

    Anyway, I'm still having fun stringing my own rackets - it's been a blast getting to learn about this side of the game.

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