Hurting in shoulder and numb finger tips - Help!

James Reed

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I have had a sharp pain in my serving shoulder, neck and also numb finger tips in my hand the last 3 weeks. Sometimes it feels like my arm is building up pressure and feels like it is throbbing terrible in my armpit. No tennis for me in the last 3 weeks. Anyone had this or care to suggest the problem :cry: ?



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I have had shoulder problems off and on for 3+ years and I was recently diagnosed with a bulging cervical disc. While dealing with my disc problem I learned about trigger point massage therapy and it REALLY helped my shoulder pain. I think you should see a doctor, but you should also look into a book called The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook. The self massage techniques in the book give me more pain relief than I get from over the counter drugs.


Sounds like it may be a compressed disc in your cervical spine. Time to see the doctor. Mine gets aggravated by bench pressing with a straight bar. It's all the force of my head pressing against the bench during the lift. Incline dumbbells only for me now. Traction may get you some immediate relief.