Hybrid advice between 17 and 18: what does make sense?


Hi everyone,

I am a big fan of both kirchbaum max power 17 (1.25) and kirchbaum max power rough 18 (1.20), especially on my blade v7 18x20. Control and touch are amazing.

I would like to hybrid them. What does make more sense? The 18 as cross and 17 as main or the opposite? Or it doesn't make a big difference?

Thank you

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It's best to have the smoother string in the crosses and the thicker string in the crosses. So that presents a problem for you. Since the smoothness is the most important aspect, I would go with MPR18/MP17 if you don't want to order new strings first. Another way to go is to split these strings up into 2 racquets with other suitable strings that you may already have.


-over time and dealing with so many different players, i've come to realize : "not every one likes the same thing"
-some people like snapback, while some others like a boardy feel
-I personally would like a thinner, round, lower tension cross-string for a better snapback feel
-the other type would prefer a thicker, equal to higher tension cross string, to lock the string bed and get that boardy feel