Hybrid cross: Multifeel vs Xcel.


Tennis warehouse has multifeel on discount. Should I get a reel of multifeel instead of xcel?

I play with rpm blast in the mains and lately I’ve been using multifeel. 3 string jobs now. I quite like the combo. But I shred the multifeel pretty quick in about two weeks.

What I like about multifeel is that it has that thin monofilament core that even after the fibers get shred to bits, remains quite durable. And I can squeeze maybe half a session extra of moderate hitting with it.

With other Multis, once it gets down to the last strand, it’s pretty much going to break any momement.

Multifeel will be slightly cheaper than xcel. Or maybe I’m doing it wrong and should just chuck in a cheap soft synthetic gut in the crosses?

Input? Thanks.


Sorry, maybe I misunderstood. Thought you were saying you like multifeel but xcel is more durable. I snap multifeel in about 6-8 hours so not so durable for me but one of my favorite multis.


Have you ever tried the synthetic gut crosses?
No I haven’t actually. But it did cross my mind pardon the pun.

But I’ve gone with multifilsment more as a budget option to naturalgut/poly hybrid. I did use natural gut and alu power once and really really liked it. But it’s pretty expensive as I do break strings quickly.
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what I distilled from the other hybrid posts...

multi (durable?, thick?) / slick poly

poly / syn gut