Hybrid cyclone with yptp?


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Hi guys, i order new reel of cyclone 16. I have still few meters of yptp reel. I was wondering it is good idea to try hybrid from this strings. I would like put cyclone to main for better spin and yptp do cross. Or its absolutly stupid make hybrid with poly/poly :D ?


Using a slick, round poly (like ptp) in the crosses with a shaped poly in the mains can potentially get you better snap-back for the mains, so overall better spin. Also it's sometimes worth using a softer poly in the crosses to counter a harsher poly in the mains (but Cyclone is already pretty soft, so I wouldn't worry about that here).
Personally I think a hybrid with Cyclone mains and poly tour Air crosses would probably be great, since pta is so soft, but I haven't had a chance to try it.
I also use a poly/poly hybrid in my Ultra Tour and Ultra Pro, YPTP crosses as well. In 1.20mm gauge.
Solinco Tour Bite Soft 1.20mm mains for the Ultra Tour and Solinco Confidential 1.15mm mains for the Ultra Pro.

The reason for poly/poly hybrid for me in these frames was also to optimize spin potential with snapback like Chezbeeno said. I haven't played with these setups enough to really feel what's going on but I feel like it's working. To use snapback effect in the most effective way, you need a relatively high swingspeed though to get the strings moving.

I'd say go for it. Curious what you'll think about it.


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Nice, First i want try full bed of cyclone, because i never played with cyclone. But definitlly i will try this combo.


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Cyclone Yellow 1.30/Ghost Wire 1.27 is sublime in my UP 16x19. Next up, I will test Cyclone Tour 1.30/Ghost Wire 1.27.

Want to try Cyclone Black 1.20/Ghost Wire 1.17 in my Ultra Tours. Also want to test S7T, Tour Bite, and Hyper G with Ghost Wire crosses in the UT.

I'm finding the best of both worlds in flexible frames and shaped poly mains/soft poly crosses (smooth). Can't go wrong, imo.


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Im playing soft rackets and strings only. I played lot of years aero pro drive rackets with stiff strings like rpm blast. It destroy my arm. Now i can play only soft rackets and soft strings. Now im playing gravity pro. Its 18x20 so for me im missing little bit of spin, thats why i order cyclone, softer but still good control and better spin like yptp. Yptp was ok on my last racket vcore95. 16x20 was better string pattern for spins :D I dont have more options to buy new rackets. Maybe clash 98,prince phantom100p pro 100x. No more good racket with lower ra like 62, maybe speed pro.
I have Cyclone/PTP in an APD13 and PA16. I like it fairly well. I moved on to PT Strike or PT Fire as my primary cross options as they are a bit slicker and firmer. The Strike is also true black where as the Pro is anthracite. I definitely would not worry about using up any Pro you have as a good option for a round cross. The cyclone is good as a main bc it is low powered, has a bit of give, and gets good grip on the ball. I have tried a few other shaped mains as well, but between the price and the color options Cyclone is an excellent option.


WHat about the opposite ? Cyclone in the cross, thinner version. It seems like that it is the slicker string between the two based on TWU