Hybrid Help


Could someone give me an idea of a good hybrid string setup(including tension). I would like it to be durable and give me that extra bit of spin(and also be pretty cheap). And sorry if something similar to this was posted already, I was too lazy to look. Thanks.
A lot of people have been using either Luxilon Alu Mains or Babolat Pro Hurricane Mains. For the crosses you should maybe throw in a fairly inexpensive synthetic gut. Im about to try the Pro Hurricane setup in my racquets.


a good hybrid would be either luxilon alu or babolat hurricane mains, and some soft cheap synthetic gut crosses. i found babolat fibertour to be a good durable cross string. a tension around 60 would be nice this setup will cost you about $10 per racket

ive done these hybrids on my rackets and they play very well