Hybrid Poly/Low Tension Kevlar?


Has anyone tried a hybrid of poly and very low tension kevlar? A few years ago I was using a full bed of 18g kevlar, strung in the mid 50's. I played well with it, but it had absolutely zero power. Got away from it. Am now using poly mains at 54, and multi crosses at 57. Over the winter for the heck of it I threw in a cross set of the kevlar at 50 with an exsiting set of the poly mains. I actually hit really well with it, but could tell that is was going to cause worse that normal elbow and wrist issues. It had the unusual combination of feeling the ball pocketing, but then still being fairly low power and no loss of control when swinging hard. Has anyone tried this at even lower tensions? Might be interesting to add the kevlar cross at 45 or so to see what it feels like.