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  1. i3602u

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    May 31, 2010

    I have a question what will be the difference in DT reading in hybrid. 2 identical racquets one with poly in the mains gut in the crosses 2nd racquet gut in the mains poly in the cross. Both racquets you use same gut string and same poly string

    This is my guess so I could be wrong. Since the racquet takes on the characteristics of the mains, my guess is the racquet with poly in the mains will have a higher DT reading the poly is stiffer so feels like it strung at a higher tension. The gut in the mains would have lower DT since your getting more power gut is springy.

    Please let me know if I am correct or if I am wrong. Please let me know why I am wrong if I am wrong
  2. i3602u

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    May 31, 2010
    Someone has got to know an answer to this one of the regular people
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    Hey there,

    I believe your thesis is correct that the gut mains would have a lower DT reading than the Poly mains racquet. However it would be interesting to see if this would be the same if you strung them how most do with the gut being at a higher tension.

    Most players who come into my shop asking for one of the hybrids I set up with the following rule.

    Gut mains- 4 pounds higher than the poly crosses

    Poly mains- 2 pounds lower than the gut crosses

    This is in no way scientific but I do so because I am compensating for the length of the string of the mains compared to the crosses. I believe that with these tensions the DT readings for your racquets could be much more similar.

    I've never actually used a DT meter and would be interested to hear your findings if you actually go through with it.



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