Hybrid setup for Blade 98 18x20 (coming from full gut)


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I'm a 45-year-old 4.0 player. I've been using a full bed of Tonic+ gut for the past 5 years. The gut has been more for arm comfort more than anything else. I'm currently using a Blade 98 18x20 (2015 model). My arm feels great, so I'd like to try out a hybrid setup.

Am looking for a recommendation for the poly cross and what tension for the Blade 98 that isn't going to be too radically different from my full bed? (The full bed of Tonic+ is at 54 lbs right now). Am thinking of doing Tonic+ @54lbs w/ Luxilon 4G @52lbs? I like the tension maintenance of 4G. I know I'll have to swing a bit faster for the hybrid setup. Thanks in advance!



I've been using MSV Co-Focus for a few years now... tried others, always came back. If you're going to stay at 54 on the mains, I'd string the crosses at 50, but that may still be a bit firm, maybe 52/48...


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I suggest a nice slick/ slippery med-soft "round" coploy. Copolys in a hybrid and automatically the dominant string in the stringbed. Which will wear the n gut. Add to shaped or a textured string and more sawing (faster fraying) will occur , short the life of the n gut even more.
Best for the stringbed is a low String COF. There a bunch of nice med to soft round copolys that will work well for you.
Bottom-line it is still find the best that works for you. Dive in and start testing.

4G is one one the best for tension maintenance out there and the king of dead playing strings.
It is also one the stiffest strings out there. Not an arm friendy string.
Sure you can drop the tension drop even lower or not.
But I am not saying don't try it...do..
Just not my first choice if I was coming from a full set of n gut.


CopolyX is correct about the 4G... he forgot to add too much money for so little performance. There are so many better strings out there for the money.

Tourna Black Zone comes to mind... the new LF Native tour 17G is great in a blade 98. Also played the LF Vorso 17G in the Blade 98... was a nice match..


using a 2015 16x19 blade but currently ive got a hybrid of Luxilon 4g rough/Isospeed cream @ 52/54# respectively.

Durabillity is great, after about 12 hours of hitting the cream is starting to fray, but the tension loss isnt very noticeable still. Im getting ready to cut it and restring.

Comfort is there and fantastic, power and feel all in one
4g is extremely stiff and dents. Will not allow string snapback properly. You want a soft, smooth copoly with good tension maintanence and slick. Would recommend revolve or cream as a cross. Head hawk lasts a long time and is slick, but it is a little stiffer. If that's not a problem, head hawk lasts a very long time as a cross. There is a huge gut/poly thread in the string section with detailed reports of different setups compiled by spintowin.