Hybrid String Tension on Yonex

Quick question.

I'm a 4.5 player with a western forehand, one handed backhand and play mostly from the baseline. I've been using a full poly setup for a while now (hyper g or volkl cyclone) which is strung at 52lbs on my Yonex VCore Pro 97.

If I were to experiment with a hybrid setup, I understand you would traditionally want the poly strung a couple of pounds less than the gut. If I use the poly in the mains at say 52lbs...would I still string the gut in the crosses at a lower tension?
i play with yonex vcore sticks
similar scenerio you descrived above,,

i usually like all poly at 49/46lbs on my vcore.tour.gs
i got 1x of my vcore.tour.g, strung with federrer setup vs.gut/lux.rough 27/25.5kgs (is that ~ 59/56lbs ?!), feels good and playes well at that tension
i got my vcore.dual, strung with hybrid pack gamma.moto/glyde @56lbs, also feels good,, this raket is 6lbs higher than what i like poly tension, but because of the soft cross strung at 56lbs it feels good
all these tensions are what "i like",,
youll like different tensions, im sure,,, but it does give you a point of reference to think about..
Thanks for the reply. Yeah, i've always been told that you string the poly less than the gut, but that's usually when you have the gut as the main. I'm wondering if you drop the tension on the poly should be lower if it's in the mains? I had heard that yonex racquets like looser crosses because of the more square pattern.
It really doesn't matter. If your main is poly, when the crosses are strung it's going to tighten up the mains. But since its syn gut, you're really won't be able to tell that much difference. I used to string my ai98 at 5150. Poly mains, nylon cross. Played fine.
I don't know how you play or what your strokes look like, but you can forget about what tension Federer is using........who cares.
Just go with what you know. If it's 16gauge, maybe drop a pound or two on the cross. It's not rocket science. Don't overcomplicate it. Use you regular tension if that's what you want and go from there. Have fun!
the poly is pretty dead, so i let that determine my tension for the other string
the "GUT" you mentioned is initially stiff, but then it drops,, so if you go even tension 53/53, it will feel good at first but then get mushy because of the softer cross string
if i were you and wanting to string poly/gut, i would do 52/54 lbs, but as @kabrac mentioned,, this is all depending on gauges being equal also, diff string gauges will aggravate the differences

by going higher on the crosses, you lock the main strings,,, not a bad/good thing, its all how you want the string bed to "feel", to you!!

on previous rakets you mentioned you strung your raket "FullBed poly at 52/52 lbs", in essence, youve been playing with a "locked string bed", at 52lbs

if you lower the gut on the cross from the main tension, your gonna find the string bed more comfortable and more mushier than what 52.poly.MAINS/52.gut.CROSSES would feel like..
i got 1x of my vcore.tour.g, strung with federrer setup vs.gut/lux.rough 27/25.5kgs
This is the correct answer, it just gives these lower power frames that little extra bit of pop and spin. When I hit with my Duel and VS-ALU rough, I had a eureka moment, and swore to myself I don't need to try another stick or string for a long time. I veered off and tried a few 18x20s, but 16x20 is just the best pattern for me. I think I'm done with the Tour G, I have a couple Vcore Tours coming to check off my list.

But as far as hybrids, I had a lot of success with Poly Tour Strike and Micro sheep crosses last in the Tour G. I was getting super consistent ball flight and with the flex of the Tour G, could really shape the ball and get a ton of spin. I just got some Gamma Gut because the specs look better, more slippery and holds tension a bit better than the Micro sheep. Oh and I never had ANY arm issues with that set up. Plus you get a ton of feel and I could really knife my BH slice. Poly Tour Strike also holds tension pretty well. I think I did them 54-56, the syn gut crosses are so stretchy that that tension is fine.

But if you have not ever tried Gut/ALU rough, give it ago, it's like a drug.