Hybrid String Tension Suggestions


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Hey Guys- I'm new to the forum and truly amazed by the vast information and knowledge being shared so actively. Can't believe I'm only finding this now after years of playing, but happy that I did stumble upon it when I did.

Now - I know this question has probably been discussed countless times in other threads, but I read through a bunch of conversations and couldn't quite find the answer specific to my situation, so hoping you guys can help out. I've never played with a true natural gut before, but have been intrigued about the easy power and unparalleled feel that everyone raves about. Did a bunch of research on string combos (information overload) and decided to start out with the pre packaged hybrid - Klip X-Plosive 16 (Natural Gut + K-Boom Poly). I'm planning on playing the gut in the mains to really experience the true gut feel.

I've been playing a full bed of poly for a few years now (after growing up with different versions of synthetic and synthetic/poly hybrids.) I hit the ball fairly hard and power isn't much of a issue so I typically get them strung around 56 lb (lately using Volkl Cyclone). The higher tension helps because I'm pretty lax about restringing, usually going 15+ hours on a string, and the reduction in tension over time is still playable.

So finally to my actual question - does anyone have recommendations for the tension of each string? Happy to take suggestions for a different string combo for future experimentation as well. I've seen so many different frame/string/tension combo suggestions on these boards that I figured it would be best to get a reco specific to my situation. For reference, I play with a Babolat Pure Strike 98 - 16x19.

Thanks in advance for the help!


The general advice seems to start around 58/54 for gut mains/poly cross in a 16x19 in that general size of racquet then adjust from there.


I'd go 60/56. The gut would be the main variable changing, so no need to change the cross tension too.
I would try this first also if you like fullbed poly at 56. On the other hand, try stringing Cyclone fullbed at 48 or 50 lbs and see how you like it - you might be amazed by the extra feel you get without much loss of control.


As a general rule, you string gut/nylon 2-3 lbs lower than a full bed, and poly 2-3 lbs higher than a full bed. There should be 3-4 lbs difference between the two strings.