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Discussion in 'Strings' started by Brocolt, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. Brocolt

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    Oct 18, 2010
    4.5 player babolat pure drive gt, average spin. Just started playing again after 18 years and trying to find the right string. I will be investing in a stringer soon. I love the polys but just recently started to get a twinng in the inside elbow.
    I have tried
    prince premier just ok did not last long
    Babolat hurricane with a multi liked pretty good lasted 3 weeks
    Prince beast with hollow core really liked alot lasted about 3 weeks
    full bed of beast really liked lasted a month and a half and started to get a sore elbow after playing hard. I cut it out put in Willson NXT control it was ok for about 5 hrs and now I really dont like it.

    I ordered a pack of x-1 biphase to try but thinking I need to go with a hybrid. Maybe it is a psych thing but I dont think I like the syns or multis at all.

    Should I try a hybrid with the x-1 or something else. right now the pro that string my rackets carries babolat wilson and prince strings. Would the rpm blast be good try with x-1? Is RPM blast easier on the arm than the prince beast. Looking for a good hybrid combo.

    I like the polys because the ball always seems to go in with the multis I feel like i have to really focus and hit it just right or the ball goes long. Then after about 5 hours they go mushy
  2. fortun8son

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    Apr 27, 2011
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    Hybriding with a syngut may be the answer.
    It will soften the poly and add power without breaking as quickly as expensive multis.
    Many of us have had great results with Gosen Sheep Micro.
    I like Signum Pro Poly Plasma 16L crossed with Gosen OGSM17 or Forten Sweet16
    String the crosses mid-high and the mains 5lbs lower.
    There are other similar combos
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  3. Lambsscroll

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    Oct 22, 2004
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    I like x-one in the mains with a stiff poly in the cross. RPM blast would work in the cross or Prince Tournament poly. A stiff poly in the cross helps with control and spin.
  4. TennisCJC

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    Apr 20, 2010
    String your polys between 40-52 lbs. Poly mains at 50, with syn gut or multi cross at 52-54 will play stiff and offer plenty of control. My recommendation assumes stringing on a constant pull machine. Increase tesion +2-3 lbs if using lock out stringer. I use to play polys in the hi 50s but have dropped to 50-51 lbs and still have excellent control and spin. I am going to try going lower too. I am using a 98" thin beamed low powered racket.

    People tend to string poly at their old syn gut, gut or multi tension and this is terrible for the wrist, elbow and shoulder. Poly mains with multi cross around 50-52 play like gut or multi at 60+ lbs to me.

    Depending on how hard you hit the ball and how hot it is where you play, polys will tend to get a bit dead after 10-20 hours.

    Signum Pro Hyperion and Signum Pro Tornado are polys that retain tension better than most but it is hard to find them in shops. You can get reels or sets online. RPM Blast is way over priced and many think it loses tension faster than other polys.

    My opinion is X-1 is not the best hybrid multi. I think NRG2 is actually better for hybriding because it softens the string bed almost as much as X-1 and does not notch as fast as X-1. X-1 is probably a better string for a full multi bed, but NRG2 is cheaper and better for a hybrid in my opinion. NRG2 is powerful and soft but not quite as powerful as X-1.
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    Jun 18, 2009
  6. RoughOG

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    Jan 6, 2011
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    Or Mosquito Bite/Nrg2 & try WC B5E w/ X-1


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