Hybrids: VS Touch Mains (1.30,1.35), Luxilon Crosses (ALU,Original)..Review

Discussion in 'Strings' started by nickb, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. nickb

    nickb Banned

    Jun 23, 2006
    Hey guys,

    This week ive been trying out some hybrids (again:)). Strung up 1 stick with 1.30 VS Touch in the mains and 1.25 ALU Power in the crosses @62/58 and another with 1.35 VS Touch in the mains and Big Banger Original 1.30 in the crosses @61/57. (Fischer Pro No1's).

    I wont be able to use these hybrdis all the time (cost) but I have to say they do play great! I really can see why Federer and so many pro's are going down the gut mains and poly crosses road. I use full BB Original alot and think this will make a great setup for me in the summer on grass.

    The touch, spin, power and control are top notch with both the hybrids. Durability was good (1.30/ALU broke at 10hrs, 1.35 at 8 and going strong). I think overall I like the 1.35 Original as it has more control and less power. Both hold tension well but the lux drops off bad towards the end...this does not really matter imo and is not as noticable with the gut in the mains. I felt like I had just as much spin as full Lux but with great pocketing, feel and power on volleys. Full lux is great from the back but this hybrid is great both back and up at the net. It also adds some pop on serve. The ball seems to stay on the strings longer which creates a sense of great control.

    Both strings are very expensive but if you have the money or dont break strings this is a great setup. Non string breakers could prob get a away with a thinner gut main and either TiMo or Ace in the crosses.

    I have just bought some Prince O3 Tour MS sticks that seem similar in spec to my Fischers so am looking foreword to stringing them up with VS/BB Original...not expecting much durability so could end up switching the BB to the mains.

    Anyway just wanted to post as I am really enjoying this setup right now..


  2. TonyB

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    Sep 6, 2006
    I use gut mains and poly crosses in my RDS 001 mids and it's an awesome setup. I play mainly S&V and lots of doubles, so I really notice the feel and touch.

    Right now, I'm using Tonic+ mains and Weiscannon Silverstring crosses. Great feel, spin, touch, power, and control. It's an incredible set of strings.

    I plan to "move up" to Klip Legend mains next time around. Not sure if it will make any difference, though.
  3. kirbster123

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    Oct 1, 2006
    Ontario, Canada
    To cut costs even more, why not put another good gut like Klip Legend? You might notice a difference between Legend and VS, but if you can't tell then you're saving around 5 bucks per stick. Also, you should try string savers, it makes it last much longer without sacrificing playability.
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  4. 127mph

    127mph Semi-Pro

    Oct 2, 2004
    when i had champions choice on my n6.1 it was amazing. the pocketing is what you get from gut that you cant get in any other string

    combine that with big banger you get a little bit more firm string bed and
    you can generate spin. the result for me was so much control from all parts of the court. with this hybrid you can hit shots you thought you couldn't. theres a reason why pros play with these set ups.
  5. nickb

    nickb Banned

    Jun 23, 2006

    I really dont like using stringsavers...I can feel them in the stringbed.

    I cant get clip legend over here in the UK...if I could I would use it.


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