HYDRATION TIPS & tricks from tennis pro & 2-time All American at USC, Danielle Lao & Jess Cera from Salt Stick!

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Just in time for the heat of the summer, we are having an open discussion around the importance of hydration during tennis training and competing!
Jess Cerra, VP Product and Community Development at Salt Stick AND pro cyclist & Danielle Lao, aka the little giant, D.lao, pro player, 2 time All American at USC and an all around stellar athlete are sitting down to talk all about the ins and outs of hydrating for tennis, training and to ensure peak performance as any level athlete!

We talk about:
- Who is SaltStick? Who started it and why?
- Salt Stick partners and pro athletes
- Cycling to cross train
- What does your on court and off court training look like
- Personal struggles of hydration
- Salt Stick products explained
- What items are best suited for league players or people who play tennis and still might be playing a lot but aren’t training like elite athletes
- How will Salt stick help me as an athlete? If I’m not working out, can I take/use saltstick?
- Sports drinks vs. salt stick products
- What is Dysautonomia
- Electrolyte supplementation
- Sodium vs. salt
- Why do we sweat? and why do some people sweat more than others – how does humidity effect this?
- What do we sweat?
- Any way you can change your sweat amount or type?
- Debunk some hydration myths!

Happy Hitting!
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This one is great! I've had the hamstring, the quad, the lower back, the hand, the bicep and the forearm. The worst cramping is the reflexive hamstring/quad back and forth.


Thanks for posting this.
Im in record warm desert conditions. Hitting is tough.
Recommend to use LMNT eletcrolytes - ive used most electrolytes and even home made ones - barely work, LMNT really works - best thing they use stevia and have 5-10 calaries per sachet