Hydrosorb Pro vs sweat


I've always used dry overgrips because I sweat a lot. Lately, since it's winter, I've been using the base grip on my racquets (Hydrosorb Pro) and liking it. How does it hold up vs sweat? Does it get slippery?


I use these on all of the racquets in my family (4 of us) and anyone else I replace a grip for. My favorite replacement grip by far. Wife and I do use overgrips but 2 daughters use them without overgrips. They do a descent job and are comparable to Gamma Supreme or Wilson Pro overgrips. They will definitely get slippery in the summer if you sweat a lot though just like the previous mentioned overgrips. That is why we use original Tourna grips in the summer and then switch to Gamma Supreme in the winter so the grip is the same size all year.
We do live in South Carolina and the humidity is worse than most places.


I found that the Head Hydrosorb Pro grip can get very slippery. The Head Hydrosorb Tour grip is a better choice if you want to stick with Head grips.

I actually prefer Gamma grips and use the Gamma Hi Tech grip on my Head racquets.