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I switched to Hyper G 2 months ago and for the past 1 week, I have been experiencing arm issues. I have a few friends who have had the same issue. What is a similar string to it but is more comfortable.


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HyperG Soft. I used HyperG for about six months, but switched to HyperG Soft as soon as it came out. It plays very similar to HyperG, but is more comfortable and lasts longer for me. I used to cut out HyperG after 15 hours as it would feel harsh, but HyperG Soft feels good for more than 20 hours and is more comfortable all the way through. I string in the mid-forties or hybrid with gut and feedback is based on that.


I use 18 gauge.
Yeah give Hyper G Soft a try in the 18 gauge. Was going to say if you haven't tried regular Hyper g 18 to give it a shot, as it's very soft for me. I've only used 17 gauge of Hyper G Soft (in my own rackets I'm familiar with) but found it to feel crisper and wasn't substantially softer than the regular G. The 18 gauge of Hyper G soft may be an easy first try since Hyper G soft is pretty close to hyper g performance wise, though I think the difference between hyper g and hyper g soft in terms of comfort is more minimal as you get into the thinner gauges.

What racket are you using?


Try the same string with same ref tension in 17 Ga. DT drops as you go thicker while using same ref tension.

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I use 18 gauge.
I'd recommend using full beds of synthetic gut - moderate softness, but a little more backbone than multifiber - until everything feels okay. Then see if you can tolerate playing with either that light gauge of Hyper G or another skinny poly in a hybrid. I've had a few locals switch into Isospeed Baseline (full beds in some cases, hybrids in a couple others) from RPM Blast and Hyper G when those polys apparently gave them too much arm pain or numbness. Even if you chew through syn. gut rather quickly, it's pretty affordable string.

I'm leery of poly in general and don't play it myself, but I string for a broad spectrum of locals. The lighter gauges of Baseline have been very well received and I know that a few locals (current and former college players) have also done really well with other polys including Solinco Tour Bite and Dunlop Black Widow.


Echoing others here, but Hyper G Soft 18 should be on your list. Stiffness for the 16L is comparable to some synthetic guts!

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Yonex ptp is similar to hyper g although it doesn’t have the same spin and bite. It is softer and more powerful though.