Hyper G Full Bed vs Hybrid?


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Just curious as to whether anyone has compared a full bed of Hyper G to a Hyper G hybrid (Hyper G mains/synthetic cross)? If so, what was the difference in the play characteristics of the two set ups?

Took my Wilson Steam 99LS back from my daughter who had been using it (but now into disc golf) and going to have it restrung.

Only other string I've considered throwing in it is a full or hybrid of Kirschbaum Evolution 1.25.

Thanks for any feedback!

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Hyper G in a hybrid as you mentioned was not good for me. Launch angle was increased and too much extra power, little control and massive decrease in spin. Hyper G for me is a full bed at a low tension or not at all.

Evolution works well in a hybrid, because it's smooth and quite powerful it works better with a stiffer-low powered syngut or multi. Avoid the real soft powerful syngut/multis, it can become to spongey.

I have both of these strings in the cupboard, used full bed and hybrid, I like them but I never feel 100% connected to the ball using evolution (full bed or hybrid), just felt a little vague on contact. For a multi cross hybrid, I prefer a lower powered or stiffer main poly.
The only hybrid with a non poly that I found to work so far is with Gosen or Velocity. I prefer Gosen as it's higher power I found. Reason is they more slick than most multi like Xone biphase (hyper G gets stuck and doesn't snap back with this one) and more durable than a string like vanquish which lasted 5h for me. Hyper G completely tore them apart for me but I do play with a lot of topspin and tend to prefer playing with higher tension. I'm at around 52 or 54 pounds depending on my mood. I tried to go down to 48 full bed but that was no bueno for me especially indoors or on a hot day.

I do notice better comfort and more pop with hybrid. It's especially noticeable when I play doubles because I tend to hit somewhat harder and flatter and less frequently and do more volleys so I would prefer the hybrid for that. When I play a pusher in singles, I tend to prefer going with my full poly so I can go for more topspin and with my longer swings. I do carry 4 Racquets so it's easier to have different options.
If you like the control and mutedness of hyper g, full bed. If you want to soften it up and play livelier, hybrid is the way to go. Hyper G is pretty much muted anyways, so don't thing a syn gut is gonna make it all of a sudden super powerful, but the hybrid will liven it up a bit