Hypothetical Djokodal 2011 French Open Final

Who wins?

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What does the 2020 French Open final say about a potential Djokodal match on Chatrier in 2011?

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In my honest, objective, and completely reasonable opinion, it would probably be 6-0 6-1 6-0 Nadal.

Nadal beat PEAK 2020 Djokovic in the RG final. He's never played better in his life. In fact, he was playing so well that Goran picked him for the title.

And since 2011 Djokovic is nowhere near as evolved a player, the evidence can point in only one direction.


is this a troll thread? Nadal was pretty bad and nervous in the final even against Fed, not sure why he would turn to god mode just because there'd be Djoker instead


What does the 2020 French Open final say about a potential Djokodal match on Chatrier in 2011?
Nadal would have thrashed him then as well. His personality is such he would have wanted revenge on Djokovic and i think he would have repeated 2008 final.
I think on clay he feels peak Federer was a bigger threat than Djokovic. It is hard courts where he fears Djokovic. He does not fear him on grass either.


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Rafa probably takes it in 4. Novak might have won a career-high 63.0% of his games on clay in '11 but he peaked too early and ended up winning a good but not great 60.1% at RG. I still followed smaller events and early Slam rounds religiously at the time and wasn't impressed at all with his form going into that SF vs. Fed. Of course we all know what happened.

In short both Fed and Novak are rather overrated as dirtballers. The one thing they've got over most previous champs is longevity, but that's about it. Nothing about their stats screams surefire multi-FO champ in a sans-Nadal (or Borg) era, nor do they have the level of consistency and patience to dominate on dirt. And while Novak is a better grinder than Fed on paper (and their respective career stats do favor Nole) he lacks the heavy topspin of a Lendl, Bruguera or Kuerten to truly excel at the classic CC game. Winning RG more than once would've been a tall order for both of 'em regardless of era.


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The Soderling loss was still fresh and Djokovic had beaten Rafa 4 straight times, including twice on clay, so Novak had a huge chance to upset him that year. Rafa struggled with Federer in the final who is a better matchup for him and went 5 sets with Isner. Too bad that match couldn't have happened.


Would have been a nervous one for Nadal, so I reckon he'd have got it done in 5. Hell I feel Federer should have taken Nadal 5 that year. But he's a pro piddler.


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I just re-watched the 2011 Fed-Djoker semi. That was Fed's second-highest clay level ever (Rome 2006 remains #1), but Novak was playing out of his mind as well. After all, this was 2011, his peakiest of forms and he hadn't lost a match in 6 months at that point. So Novak's form was a hell of a lot higher in 2011 than 2020. Nadal also wasn't playing at his highest level either. I think it would have been a close match, nothing like yesterday's blow out.


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Djokovic in 4 sets no doubt about that. Such was the mental edge back then...;)

In reality Djokovic was really really unlucky that his H2H against Nadal at RG is not better than 2-7 tbh... Should have been 4-6 atleast, atleast...Stupid stoppage of play in 2012, crazy freak net accident in 2013, Djokovic being sick in 2014 and this matchup not occuring in 2011 and 2016 when Djokovic was clear cut favourite.

Yeah Djokovic was crazy unlucky over the years at the RG especially regarding the Nadal matchup. ;)