Hypothetical: You play the Wimbledon final tomorrow, your frame of choice is?...


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Hypothetically, whatever got me (in my dreams) through the first 6 rounds. LMAO!


The friggen frame ain’t gonna help any of us should we magically be transported to another dimension in time and space and find ourselves in a Wimbledon final.
Keep on dreaming peeps.


Just imagine using something obscure enough that someone would create a thread on TT asking wtf that Seth clown is using in the Wimbledon final and living on eternally in the TT archives.


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If I'm in a wimbledon final I can afford a bag full of PT57As, so that would certainly be my choice. Other than that, it'd be cool to play with a wood racquet for kicks given this is a dream world.

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I haven't played on a grass court, but I reckon I'd like my Volkl T10 strung with synthetic gut a tad more than my Yonex VC95D given the Sn'V.


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Like every Wimbledon finalist in the last few decades... a custom frame underneath the highest paying sponsors paintwork of choice. :)

I'm suprised we haven't seen a cocoa cola or McDonald's paint job yet.
Or corporate logo dampeners??

If I was a top player I'd have my agent make some calls to get Porsche, Rolex or any big company willing to pay for a logo dampener! That's brilliant!

After each games players could throw a handful in the stands too. I'm pretty sure kids would actually pay to get the same logo dampener as their favorite players.


Some kinda 140inch2 frying pan, I'd wear an all chatreuse outfit to hopefully hinder my opponents ability to see the ball as i hit it, i would scream and grunt like a maniac with tourettes on every shot, I'd have 20 cans of redbull before the match, and would play the ultimate pusher game running down everything. The baskin park pusher would be my manager/coach. We'd be like heels from wwf wrestling. My shoes would have flashing LED lights, and I'd have a hidden laser pointer in the tip of the racquet to zap the server in the eyes whilst theyre serving. And I'd roll around in hysterical outrage like an Italian soccer player if accused. Streamers on the elbows comes to mind too.
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