I am at a crossroads: Fischer M Speed SL string change after 15 years

Love this frame and always stuck to alu power rough, but had to reduce tensions from high 60’s to low 50’s due to age and my arm/shoulder screaming at me...

Tried Solinco Confidential 1.25 in a different frame today (Head Radical tour 98; Zebra) and it was phenomenal
I then thought to myself, “I wonder how this would be at 52 pounds in my M-Speed?”

Details to come

anyone try this before?


Whether multi or mono, Fischer frames always prefer lower tensions anyway.

I can't help you on the Solinco as I have barely used a mono before. But for lower tension on your Fischer, yeah, go!

If you're in trouble with your arm and elbow, you should consider switching to a good multi string though. The Head Velocity is usually a strong option.

Good luck!


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Fischer racquets - especially the Austrian-made models produced between 1990 and 1993 - are really something special when strung with a full bed of either natural gut or a gut-like multifilament string at 55 pounds.


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I love the Fischer the OP uses !! I too was having problems with my
m speed causing pain .
Mine was in my wrist.
I had wonderful success with being extremely comfy and SUPER spin when I strung my m speed with Volk v square at 33 lbs ..
It was a great choice as that v square just does crazy things to the ball and it’s wicked soft with out being too soft .
Fisher m speed - If you play it normally with a poly .. then Volkl v square is the way too go !
Now if your not too concerned with trying to achieve maximum spin and are looking for more comfort and “ playability then look no further than isospeed professional string !!! It’s amazing stuff !