i am going to string full bed NatGut at 50lbs. maybe.


i will report back for others who ant warm friendly safety.

actually I just read this post

Use gut mains. If you are thinking of using gut in the crosses, a multifilament or synthetic gut will do the same job. The mains string decides about 80% of the stringbed's response, so using the most responsive string in the crosses is a serious waste. Even professional stringers (P1) have called gut in the crosses "a waste of gut".
so, now, I will do natGut mains at 50
and poly cross at 48 and report back.

I know most people do not string this low
so I will post update after playing today


Please specify frame when you do. 50# NG mains and 48# poly cross may be usable in a mid 18x20, but not in a 100 in² 16x18 Prince.


it was in 16x19, not 18x20
but I get feeling poly is going to break the gut quickly.

I hit with gut 50 / poly 47 today

was hitting fine. approach shots has zip
got lots of spin still
did not notice any big difference
some balls went long, but that is selective memory
some go long, but short balls may become deep balls, so it cancels out
if that is not just in my imaginatin

i notice strings would move around a bit and need readjust
I used gut in a tight 16x20 at 50 lbs. Played nicely. In more open 16x19 at 50 it was too powerful / hard to control — needed at least 55. Putting in a bunch of String savers wasn’t that helpful IME - tightened the stringbed but ruined the feel. My pref is probably gut at 58-60 lbs in a medium-ish 16x19, but my spin is rarely >2,000 rpm, so I rarely break strings (can serve 100mph, etc.)


i don't think one extra strings made such a huge difference
probably just in your head, or dozens of other factors in rec inconsnsteny game


Gut at 50# would, IMO, launch the ball long unless you do not have a very long swing and use a shorter swing to control the power and depth. I normally always string gut higher at at least 58#. I have tried gut string lower but it always has too much power for me. If it works for you that is fine. To each their own.


Please specify frame when you do. 50# NG mains and 48# poly cross may be usable in a mid 18x20, but not in a 100 in² 16x18 Prince.
Very, very true...String patterns and spacings are everything with the flex and feel and easy power of good natural gut - everything. Smaller frames and 18X20 or maybe 16X20 were the rule. If you like thin natty G at medium tensions for the easy power - then that is certainly true. The Pacific XTour Pro 97 is a 16X20, but as you know that ex-Fischer pattern really has much distance from the top to the first cross and much distance from the throat to the first cross - then the 20 crosses are quite compressed in a 97 frame. Brilliant and perfect for medium tensioned (52-56, or so) thin natural gut... Wears very well with the new coatings and the dynamic qualities are at a premium...
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For me, no combination of NatGut lasts past 5-10 hours (full bed Gut, Hybrid, etc)
So, the poly 10 hour limit is a moot point. I'm restringing at 10 hours no matter what I use.

What is even softer is Tour Bite 20. The softest poly on the market.
For me, the ultimate Poly for arm safety may be Tour Bite 20 strung at 35 lbs.

Just came back from my first hit with 35 lbs poly. (Cyclone Tour 16)
This may be the compromise I've been looking for for arm safety

At 35, I could also feel a clear trampoline effect, so it plays soft
In fact, it feels softer than full bed Gut at 50lbs.

Control at 35 lbs.? Non-issue. I was swinging 100%
Balls were hitting great, some short, some perfect, some long, just like at any tension.

I had forgotten that old poly sound of TWACK!
I had more spin on both wings than locked up NatGut.
Balls were hitting nice and heavy. Felt great.

Poly is cheaper at $10 vs. $30
Poly lasts longer (10-12 hours vs. 5-10 hours)
Poly can play very softly at 35 lbs.
Poly gives more spin

I believe I have found my win/win setup.
No more NatGut for me.
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