I am.....INEVITABLE: Djokovic to erase helf of tennis records from the face of the earth

Vamos Rafa Nadal

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If anybody wants to know why those of us who dislike Djokovic can't stand so many in his fan base this thread provides a clear reason. Why do Djokovic fans so often feel the need to be totally obnoxious???


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Hope is dwindling but here we have Goldie Chainz Medvedev in one last defiant stand against Thanosovic who is trying to destroy half of tennis for "balance". I don't think Goldie Med will have what it takes mentally to take more than a set but I'm prepared to be proven wrong, in fact, it's all I want in this case
Literally all I had to do was replace Zed with Med and the exact same message is preserved. It's because these nextgen are all the same and none of them ever stood a chance. They're just that bad.