I can’t find a setup or racket that my arm and I like V2


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Ok so an update from the initial thread I made
( https://tt.tennis-warehouse.com/ind...up-that-i-like-that-also-suits-my-arm.707300/)
because i am lost
So i went to the physio. She said that she thinks its down to a lack of strength in the tendons and they aren't able to keep taking such a hard impact everytime and so has given me excercises to do and strengthen them before another checkup in january. I also have an appointment coming up with an arm specialist in January. Its definitely not tennis or golfers elbow. Which makes sense i think. Im very skinny. 6ft. 65kg. And have twigs for arms. Ive also decided to join the gym to get my strength levels up so hopefully it works.
So Ive been trying different setups in the meanwhile but nothing clicks.
In the CX200:
Tried Black Widow @40lbs. This was fine initally, but then started to hurt badly again. In the same area between the bicep and tricep, but i also started to develop issues in my forearm, wrist and hand (i have a next gen type forehand, think kyrgios). Every so often feel like a pulsating pain in fingers tendons. In terms of how it plays, no confidence at all. Feel of poly is nice and ideal, but its way too loose for me as well and i cant play as well as i should.
Tried X1 @50lbs full bed. 15L gauge too so quite thick. Very boardy. Dont like the feel. Dont like the sound. Dont like the lack of spin. Idk. Power level is a little high, but the feel i absolutely hate. Just feels very hollow and boardy.
Tried X1 mains, Black Widow crosses @44/40. Again same thing with the boardy and hollow feel, just a little less. Still not enough spin or feel.
Tried Black Widow mains. X1 crosses @40/40. Again, same results just a little less.
All these were done with 15L X1, so does this explain the feel im getting? Or would i expect this even if i tried 16 gauge?
One option would be to go for another poly, but black widow is already quite soft so idk how much difference it would make. Maybe i could go for a lower powered poly and string lower than 40lbs? Like savage? Would that somehow play softer while also retaining control?
Also tried Clash 100 with Black widow strung at 44lbs. But my arm again wasnt a fan. This actually hurt my arm the most out of all these setups.
I in the meanwhile also picked up my pro staff 95 that i weighted to 370 that was strung with X1 mains, ALU Rough crosses @49/46. Feed back was that feel was not bad. Still boardy but ALOT better than what the same setup feels like in the CX200. Didnt enjoy the lack of spin though. But was far too heavy. Couldnt serve. And i was knackered after 45mins of hitting. Took some of the weight off until it had a SW of about 320. Felt better. But still the lack of spin I didnt like. The boardy feel, i guess i could get used to as its not as bad as how it feels in cx200. As for arm, no pain or discomfort at all in wrist/hand/forearm. But the tendon issue in between the bicep and tricep remained.
Maybe i could try a thinner gauge in the X1? Would that make a difference at all? OR are there any other combos that you guys might suggest for any racket? Hopefully the strength and conditioning work im doing now is going to work, but want a solution asap. Im not playing how i want at all and am struggling against players i was/should be beating.


Let's see - you are battling physical pain and you want to continue enjoying the game. Couldn't agree more.
Dissipate shock - that means ditch any poly and ditch any lighter, stiff frame. Find a new way to enjoy the game.
Here, in our large rec areas, far too many players have been sidelined by stiff strings, the "more spin craze", and stiff light frames... Walking an edge to avoid pain may make for many formum posts, but makes little sense for the body.
My weakness after decades of tennis is my hand. Stiff strings (no matter how low - and poly goes dead quick) and stiff rackets inflame that area of my hand.
The easy answer was a smaller, more flexy, and a bit heavier frame with a dense pattern - string a multi down low and you are off and running. I adapted and tennis (and my hand) are just fine - dissipate the shock.
I know, I know - the only reason nowadays to walk onto a court is "more spin" and "poly" - I know...

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Tendons take a **lot** longer to develop additional strength and stress absorbing capacity versus muscle, and are also a lot more susceptible to chronic repetitive stress injuries. My advice would be to lay off tennis with any poly string until you've healed and spent some good weeks in the gym doing those strengthening exercises. And if you do play, don't play until it hurts. Stop at the first hint of any discomfort.

It may also be a good idea to get a few lessons in with a pro, who can best evaluate if you might want to change or improve your technique so you have a better chance to play pain free.


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another option could be to play with softer balls…not all balls are created equal. Penn championship balls for example feel like rocks while others that are meant to last longer (pro penn marathon, dunlop grand prix) are also very heavy balls. Wilson championship and dunlop atp championship balls (which also happen to cost the least) feel the softest and bounce the best but at the expense of durability. An even softer option could be to play with green balls/pressureless balls. Your tendons/ligaments/joints will keep hurting until it is completely healed so it is best to rest if it just won’t go away as @Injured Again previously mentioned. You could still work on shadow swings and footwork in the mean time so doesnt mean you have to stop improving.


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Be aware that Dunlob Black Widow is a really stiff poly despite is has been labeled as soft (look at TWU string database, stiffness 216 for 17g . It was the poly that killed my arm some years ago. Stay away from that string, try to use soft poly or multi if you want to play while healing your arm.


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Try a full bed of NRG2, around 56-60 lbs. When I hurt my wrist earlier in the year I played this way for about a month and it helped immensely. It doesn't last long, and yes you'll lose some spin but a huge benefit of full multi (outside of comfort) for me was booming first serves.


Wilson sensation in the color of your choice in a frame with a 16x19 string pattern and thin beam. Listen only to your arm and ignore your brain.

Learn to win with your feet and your mind and let your arm coast and stay healthy.


Wilson sensation in the color of your choice in a frame with a 16x19 string pattern and thin beam. Listen only to your arm and ignore your brain.

Learn to win with your feet and your mind and let your arm coast and stay healthy.

Good Advice - just a minor addition , find a dense 16X20 if you can. (This is getting more and more difficult, though.)