I can't practice my toss/serve outdoors when it's -2c/28F and it feels like -8C/17F


I was dressed for walking not for erratic tosses and serve practice, but I wanted to take advantage of the snow free (only wet) courts, due also to the limited court time I had in the last week or so (1 hit in 10 days).
No way I could practice that drill with my weight distributed mostly (or all) on my back foot lol.

I didn't last long and to my comfort the guy who was practicing basketball lay ups (moving felt fine) gave up at the same time.

I only managed 10 weak serves, from which only 30% went in. And that's without... a net lol But also affected probably by the serving at the wall practice that I've done twice over the weekend in +4 and +6 C with sun.
+6 C/ 42 F with sun felt warm, but today I would have needed some baselayer such as long sleeve top and bottoms Merino Icebreaker.
I didn't record any video today with my phone, remember how cold I got tapping a few serves and FHs/BHs without a tripod at +C /37 F.

From that short vid I could identify my main problems as being (with a hybrid platform and flat serve):
  1. Tossing arm not going vertical (or past) and not staying up long enough
  2. Elbow not extended at contact (seem to be doing better afterwards)
  3. So and so hitting with the edge towards the ball (not enough frames/second to see clearly, although the coach said that I was doing it and pronating at the last moment)
  4. Not enough knee bend
  5. The rest of the timming and motion seemed ok.
Anyhow I am getting more court time, at least 3 times per week (aiming to get back to 5-6) on red clay indoor. Meanwhile I've also practiced shadow swings outdoors and jumping jacks and other workout in my basement.


How high is your ceiling at home?

Practice on your knees.

Will try practicing a couple in my driveway or back yard, but also heading back to courts at least 3 times a week (although I rarely serve, mainly rally).

First priority would be to fix this: Elbow not extended at contact (also probably due to usually low tosses)

That low percentage was also probably a tad skewed: "only 30% went in. And that's without... a net lol But also affected probably by the serving at the wall practice that I've done twice over the weekend in +4 and +6 C with sun."


One thing you can do/try is to tie a cord securely to an old tennis ball. Tie the other end of the cord to the top/center of your racket
leaving about five or six inches of cord (old shoestring?) between the ball and the racket head.

Now, go outside (or inside if you have high ceilings) and practice the mechanics of your serve. At every moment of the service motion
(think of how Serena warms up)) try to keep the ball/string flowing straight away (up) from the racket head without any jerking, and should
be fully extended at the anticipated moment of contact.

Do everything you would normally do for your serve and remember the feel and smoothness when you can go out with real balls.


Wow. I avoid playing when it's <20C and just refuse to if it drops below 15C. You guys are hard core.
Oh our cutoff has always been around 7C for playing outdoors, sometimes I can go lower than that but not by much lol

Today I was just eager beaver, after being suspended one week by the lying manager at my club for trying to move a ...third paid court in a .....month, with the allowed 2 days notice???!!!
I used to play 5-6 times a week and now I had only one hit in 10 days. Back to (almost) normal now.