I could actually see Medvedev winning RG at this point


Rome 2023 was a fluke. Easy cakewalk draw. Recovering Zverev. A qualified player in quarter. Injured (elbow) Tsitsipas in semi. Exhausted (played 2 long and late matches vs Djokovic and Ruud) Rune in the final. Propitious weather situation for his game (probably the rainiest Masters ever). I doubt he will ever win another clay big tournament again.


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If Medvedev wins Roland Garros, I will change my avatar picture to a picture of Nadal. Also for those who don't know, that is an extremely painful thing for me to do as I cannot stand Nadal. That's how sure I am that he won't.
Even the op was sure Medvedev won't win RG.

But how to get more eye balls without causing controversies.

Rome is Rome. You can take the results and forget it. RG is grand slam and on clay there are 7/8 better players than Medvedev.

Meddy isn't bad himself though but he seems to be in top 15 on clay and borderline top 10 in last few years.