I cracked the serve - FINALLY!


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Taken me a while but these are the focal elements I worked on:

1) Pronation. Free power for sure and am now used to pronating with slices too.
2) Trophy arm - keeping it up as long as possible, seems to help generate full force rotating the upper half into the serve
3) The swing path - found the one that works with my body. Before I wasn’t utilising my full ability to hit into the shot.
4) Rythm.

practice practice practice!


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Thought you were going to say you bought that spammer's youtube course.

"Everyone knows that playing tennis with a beeg serve is more fun!"


Keep growing: Cilic, Anderson, Raonic, Isner, Karlovic, or Opelka; take your pick.
be careful with imprecise online tennis instruction. you might read it multiple times and not ever get it right until you feel it in your body. it's easy to misinterpret. in this case, sureshs might find it easier to feel growth in his gut than in his spine/legs.


and congrats @jga111 . your "racquet-leave-behind" post helped me immensely on the journey to a better serve. i won't say i cracked the serve yet, but it feels close. how many aces do you average per set (assuming singles)?

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Find a high speed video with little motion blur of a high level serve.

Video your serve in bright sunlight from the same camera angle as used in the video your found above.

1) Now find the frame with impact in the high level serve. Compare to your impact.
2) Move back the high level serve 1 frame or more if necessary to compare the same racket positions. Compare to your serve.
3) Continue for some more frames that compare well.

Most posters will see differences between their racket orientations and those of a high level serve.

You can also do this on instructional videos to see how well the progressions or demos match up to motions in a high level serve. Of course, progressions might not look like the actual stroke. Use to decide.............

Kinovea is an video analysis application that has much more capability for comparing videos side-by-side. Kinovea is a free, open source application.

If anyone wants to try Kinovea and has problems, use the forum Post or Converation (envelope icon in bar above).